How Times have Changed

How Times have Changed

The days of spending St. Patrick’s Day, celebrating in the pub with a few drinks are now a distant memory. Since becoming a dad, my priorities have obviously changed. This year we spent St. Patrick’s Day in the Zoo and I enjoyed a hangover free morning the following day in a daddy-daughter swimming class followed by a coffee in a local cafe. Maybe I was just putting off going home and tidying the house.

Lately, both the living room and kitchen floor seem to be constantly scattered with wooden blocks and other toys, no matter how often we tidy them up. I have experienced the agony of walking on them in my bare feet far too often.

Last week my wife gave me a pair of merino wool socks to con me into writing something positive about “merino wool”. I felt like one of those celebrities who get free stuff so they can review it! Even if the socks didn’t offer much protection from stepping on Clara’s toys, at least they might help stem the bleeding from any injuries caused.


To be honest, my previous experiences of Granny’s knitted wooly socks resulted in itchy, sweaty feet and thick seams that were uncomfortable on my toes. So I wasn’t expecting much. When I first heard the term “merino wool”, sheep roaming the Dublin suburb near Fairview and Clontarf came to mind. I later found out that merino wool, in fact, comes from the merino breed of sheep.

Merino sheep are regarded as having some of the softest and finest wool of any sheep. And if I’m honest, I must say that my new socks are very comfortable, soft and snug. Not the itch-fest that I was expecting at all. I have been wearing them non stop for a week now.

I’m kidding, I’m not that disgusting. I obviously took them off when we went swimming, but only because the swimming instructor insisted on it!

Merino wool has natural odour resistant properties. Apparently the merino wool fibres do not attract bacteria, unlike synthetic fibres. I couldn’t resist a sneaky sniff when my wife eventually prised them off my feet. Surprisingly, they smelled quite fresh. “You disgusting pig!”, my wife declared. I was so shocked that I nearly choked on my toenail.

I read that merino wool can absorb moisture without reducing its ability to help regulate body temperature. It is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature so it helps you to stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. I guess that explained why my feet did not feel sweaty.


“Silence is golden”, they say. Unless you have a child, then silence is just suspicious. Now that Clara is crawling and trying to get into everything (including the brown, food waste bin), the serious baby proofing has begun. I am continually trying to outsmart my 10 month old daughter to keep the little monster alive! I am, repeatedly finding myself, trying to open cupboards and drawers, forgetting that the safety latches are still on them. This is closely followed by the odd curse word in frustration. I’m just glad that she’s not properly talking yet.

Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday to all the mammies and have a nice relaxing day, if possible. The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the kids are in bed…..asleep!

Why not get your mother a bottle of wine? You are, quite possibly, one of the reasons she drinks!


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Rory Thynne


Rory Thynne

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