Looky Looky

Looky Looky

This is the life! Here I am relaxing on the Costa del Sol, feet up, reclining on a sunlounger and chilling by the pool. Bliss! No I haven’t become a drug lord, this is our first sun holiday with a baby. Barbara, Clara and Granny (my mum) flew out here last week.

I had the important matter of my brother’s stag do to attend but I managed to take a few days off work and follow them out here. (The less said about the stag the better. What happens on tour, stays on tour and all that!)

The first few days at home alone were wonderful, watching the snooker, rugby and football on t.v. The house was quiet without a baby around and that annoying buzzing sound in my ear had mysteriously disappeared with my wife gone.

By the third day however, the house was very quiet. Almost too quiet and I was looking forward to joining them.

Fast forward a few days and here I am in Spain. Clara is having an absolute ball. My wife informs me that in my absence, apparently Clara already has her first boyfriend. I am beginning to dread her teenage years already. What will she be like? She’s only eleven months old!

Her main hobby these days seems to be waving, smiling and flirting with strangers. She will do this to anyone who even remotely looks in her direction while we walk along the promenade. I know this social interaction is a milestone in her development and it’s great. So far she has managed to score herself a free pair of “Raya Bam” sunglasses from one of the friendly ‘looky looky’ African men who succumbed to her charms.

She has also developed a new fondness for dogs. I know, who doesn’t love dogs? But every single time she sees one out walking, she screeches and waves her tiny arms and legs in excitement, so much so, that the owners feel obliged to approach us so that Clara can have a meet and greet.

She is not a fan of the rough, prickly Spanish grass here on the lawns of the apartment complex. She has resorted to walking like some sun hat-wearing primate, on her hands and feet, to avoid her knees coming in contact with the grass.

We drove down to the old town of Marbella yesterday and had a lovely stroll through its narrow streets. We stumbled upon a wonderful restaurant called “The Farm”, an old house built in 1502. Its secret garden is a real gem and is certainly worth a visit if you’re ever in Marbella. We did have to carry the buggy down some steps though. Keep an eye out for the rabbits.

Being on holiday with a baby is really like being at home, just with nicer weather and no changing table. We still have the early mornings, so no lie-ins and naturally enough, we brought more baby stuff than was necessary.

As a parent you’re constantly worried about your baby’s exposure to the sun. I get sunburn if I even look out the window so I continually top Clara up with factor 50 and keep her in the shade as much as possible with her sun hat on. Putting suncream on a baby is like trying to give a cat a bath!

All those swimming lessons seem to be paying off. Clara absolutely loves playing in the pool and never wants to get out of the water.

This morning we visited the picturesque town of Mijas Pueblo near Fuengirola, located up in the mountains, offering spectacular views across the Costa del Sol. You could spend half a day here and take a walk through the narrow streets, browse the shops selling handmade local crafts, take a donkey ride around the town or visit the bull ring.

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Rory Thynne

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