Sacrifice and Inspiration

Sacrifice and Inspiration

We recently had the pleasure of celebrating the special occasion of my youngest brother’s wedding. Eoin, who is Clara’s Godfather, married his stunning bride, Áine in the beautiful surroundings of Killenard in County Laois. I’m delighted for them. He found his ‘Miss Right’ but married life will soon make him realise that her first name should be “Always”!

This was Clara’s second wedding and she certainly enjoyed herself. I was honoured when I was asked to be one of Eoin’s groomsmen although Clara had an obsession with my boutonnière. My what? I didn’t know that this was the proper name for a “flower pin” either.

She kept trying to touch it anytime I was holding her. During the ceremony itself, Clara decided to repeatedly call, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” when I was up on the altar, witnessing the vows. How dare Áine steal Clara’s limelight!

Throughout the day, family and friends fought over whose turn it was to hold and cuddle her.

As the day went on and Clara began to get tired, her FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) surfaced. She fought against the tiredness and partied on until she could not fight it anymore. Barbara put Clara in the ring sling and through the soothing effect of Barbara’s motion and heartbeat Clara eventually dozed off.

We purchased a set of children’s ear defenders online, prior to the wedding and they were a godsend. (They cost €19 plus delivery from here). Clara will use them again this summer in Croke Park, with me, when she’s supporting the Dubs. In hindsight we probably should have gone for blue ones!

Barbara then placed Clara in her buggy where she could nap peacefully. Mammy got a little break and I could hide Alan’s best man’s speech….twice! We had a wonderful day and concluded the celebrations with a delicious family barbecue the following evening.


Last weekend we attended the All About Baby Fair in Citywest Hotel. This was a wonderful, well organised event with talks, consultations, demonstrations and children’s entertainment. We were delighted to meet so many mammies, daddies and parents to be. Clara was in attendance too and she had an absolute ball, meeting customers and other children. We are looking forward to next year’s fair already.


This weekend will be my second Father’s Day as a daddy. Clara was just four weeks old last Father’s Day, so fatherhood was very new to me. I guess one year later, it still is relatively new. The past year has been such an incredible journey and an amazing experience.

To quote Mike Myers, “Anyone who tells you that fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.”


Fatherhood has changed my life completely. I think it has made me a better person. I have become more patient and have acquired a greater understanding of unconditional love. Fatherhood has strengthened my marriage, as my wife and I work more effectively as a team. We share the responsibilities that having a child brings to a relationship. Becoming a father has made me look at my own parents in a different light. I recognise all they  have done for me and I value the happy childhood I had. Fatherhood has taught me sacrifice, has given me inspiration and has enriched my life overall.


Happy Father’s Day this Sunday to all the dads out there. Have a nice relaxing day and take pleasure in opening your gifts of socks, ‘World’s Best Dad’ mugs and ties!


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Rory Thynne

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