Sleeping like a Baby

Sleeping like a Baby

One of my highlights this week was Clara's first visit to the playground. It was delightful to see her little arms and legs going ninety with excitement, experiencing the joys of a swing for the first time.

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Her once, gummy little smile, now replaced by four teeth and her hearty laugh would make your heart melt. It makes all those early mornings and lack of sleep worthwhile. The clocks going forward last week, has resulted in her sleeping a little longer in the mornings which is always a plus.

The hour we lost last weekend was the one I was planning to spend washing the windows but I guess they will just have to wait. Daylight Savings Time is like jet lag but without the fun trip!

Speaking of trips, we booked our first family holiday to Spain this week. We have flown to Germany a few times to visit Barbara’s family last year for Christmas etc. but this is our first sun holiday together.


My wife insisted that we needed a new buggy despite the fact that we purchased a new travel system before Clara was born. I thought the purpose of a travel system was that we would have the pushchair, car seat and carrycot in one? Well...apparently not.

She said that we needed a new lighter buggy for the holiday so it would be easier to lift it up the steps to the apartment. Sure I’d end up carrying it anyway.

We even received a lovely buggy carry bag from my parents last Christmas, for the travel system, which was great for flying to Germany.

There was no way we were buying another stroller/buggy and that was that. We had a perfectly good one already. I was putting my foot down on this matter. End...Of...Discussion!


We got a second buggy!

Arguing with my wife is like reading the Software License Agreement. In the end you just ignore everything and click “I agree”.



I’ve been asked a few times where the name Clara and Carl came from. The Clara part is fairly obvious. “So, who’s Carl?”, we’ve been asked. Or “Is Barbara pregnant with a baby boy?” Ehh, no she’s not.

Carl is Clara’s adorable pet monkey which she got from her Uncle Alan. As you can see, the pair of them are inseparable.

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Barbara experienced her first Mother’s Day last Sunday. I was up early with Clara to give Mammy a well deserved lie in. To be honest, I really needed to earn brownie points so I could nip away for a few hours and play a football match! Later that afternoon, we made our way to Malahide Castle to meet friends and took a stroll around the grounds, enjoying the beautiful weather.


It is hard to believe that this time last year we referred to Clara as “The Bump”. What a difference a year makes.

I remember receiving advice back then from others such as, “Get as much sleep in now while you can before the baby arrives”, as if there was some magical way to store sleep. Or, “Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps”. Great advice! So I guess we should cook when baby cooks and clean when baby cleans too? I never trust anyone who says “I slept like a baby”. They’ve obviously never had one then.


Being a new parent means going to sleep tired and waking up even more tired and having fantasies about sleeping.

In fairness though, Barbara tends to Clara when she wakes during the night, if I’m up early for work. I’ve come to the realisation that becoming a parent is a constant battle between going to bed early to catch up on sleep or staying up late to get some alone time.  

I really don’t know how single parents do it all by themselves. Much respect.


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