Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care

I can’t believe the summer holidays are over already. I thoroughly enjoyed spending all that time with Clara while Mammy was at work but now it’s back to reality. I’m back in work myself, in the classroom and Clara has just completed her first week in creche. If I’m honest, being back in work feels like a bit of a break at times.

Minding a baby all day certainly keeps you on your toes. The only time I felt I really got a break, during the day, was when I put her down for a nap and I sometimes took that opportunity to write a bit of the blog or do housework etc.

Barbara and I went for lunch one afternoon while Uncle Heno offered to mind Clara for the afternoon. They seemed to have great craic altogether playing dress up with Clara’s tights ending up on her head!

Now that Clara is walking you just can’t take your eyes off her. Even the baby wipes need to be left out of her reach or she will have the whole packet pulled out and strewn across the floor.

She tries to get into everything! You think you’ve done a relatively good job at baby proofing your home until a toddler really puts it to the test.

One day in particular I recall reheating a cup of coffee three times in the microwave as a result of constant interruptions. I had to prevent Clara from getting into a kitchen cupboard, a drawer and even the dishwasher, while I was emptying it! There was also a nappy change thrown in for good measure.

If there is one thing I learned from being a stay at home dad, it’s to remember to remove all of Clara’s hair clips before leaving the house...from my hair!! Clara got a great giggle when we put them in my hair in the first place but there's nothing more embarrassing than being asked by the checkout girl in Woodies DIY, “Do you know you've a hair clip in your hair?” To which I replied nonchalantly,  “Yeah I know thanks, pink is totally my colour.” trying to play it cool, before dashing out of the shop and back into the car!

As busy and as tiring as it is, looking after a baby/wobbler all day, every day, I must say I do miss our daily trips to the playground, paper hat making, bubble blowing, daddy daughter discos and drum sessions on pots and pans!

Clara absolutely loves the Zoo and is beginning to take a great interest in the animals. She even imitates the noises they make. We paid a number of visits over the summer holidays, including a trip with her godfather, Eoin. We also cheered on her Uncle Alan in his hurling match.

We just recently got our back garden landscaped and this kept her entertained daily as she kept a close eye on the progress, from the safety of the back door. Let’s just hope that we get some of that nice 'back to school weather' so that we can enjoy it.



Clara has settled in quite well into creche and was grand for the first few days, not a bother on her. After day 4 she was fine when I dropped her off but as soon as she realised I was heading off to work and not hanging around, the tears came streaming. Yesterday, as I drove into the car park in work after dropping Clara off to creche, I realised I was still singing along to her Nursery Rhyme CD.

A week in and Clara has already picked up her first cough and cold from creche. She’s had a few sniffles before this but never as bad. I'm talking snot bubbles and everything! She is so clingy and the other night she would not settle at bedtime. She eventually fell asleep lying on my chest. Like removing old wallpaper, I literally had to peel her off me where her snot had stuck her little face to my t-shirt! Lovely!

The joys of parenting eh?

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Rory Thynne
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