Since 1982 ENGEL has focused consistently on the manufacture and processing of pure natural fibres, in particular because allergies in babies and children are constantly increasing and because underwear and baby clothes, by its very nature, is in contact with the skin for 24 hours a day. These facts are particularly important with regard to newborns, whose skin is still very thin and permeable, and whose skin functions are not yet fully developed. Baby‘s tender skin is very sensitive to external influences. So it is only to be expected that soft, warm and smooth fibers specially developed for allergy-prone babies should be soft on their skin, soothe them and help them to relax. Absolutely no chemical substances, irritating dyes or allergenic substances should be used to finish any textiles that come into direct contact with the skin. ENGEL has always had the very highest standards for a non-toxic quality. Its extensive standard range now includes day and nightwear for babies, children and adults, outdoor fleece clothing, underwear and nursing bras, and clothing for premature babies.