The Danish hosiery business JOHA is the largest producer of wool underwear and pyjamas for babies and children in Scandinavia. The company was established in 1963 celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year. To this day JOHA's focus is in exact accord with that of 50 years ago upholding uncompromising quality, use of the finest wool, sustainable production means and good design. JOHA was the first to produce wool underwear for children and has been leading the European market for the past 35 years. Wool has many unique properties, which makes the material ideal for clothing. First and foremost wool has a thermally isolating property, keeping warmth even under very low temperatures. Wool absorbs the body's perspired moisture and can obtain up to 40% of it's weight without effecting it’s warming properties and compared to cotton, which can absorb only 8% of it's weight, is more effective. Furthermore, wool is gentle to the skin, however, for very sensitive skin JOHA has developed a special wool quality with a cotton inner surface. JOHA prioritises environmentally responsible production methods and was amongst the first Danish businesses to be certified the EU ECOLABEL for it's products. The use of the EU ECOLABEL certificate is only permitted for companies, who can document their products are produced in accord with EU's strict environmental standards. Furthermore, the International Woolmark recognises and certifies all JOHA’s wool products. Today JOHA employs approximately 350 in Europe.

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